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Discover What Our Clients Are Saying

Grimmer Farms
"Atlas Consulting helped me out a lot. Zack... held my hand through the project... and I got two projects out of it." - Chuck Grimmer, Owner.



Sheltering Oak
"We were referred to Atlas Consulting by our solar contractor and I am very glad we worked with them. They made it easy to go through the whole process of securing a grant by detailing what was needed from us and by what dates. Along the way, we were kept abreast of the progress. The sheer amount of paperwork involved that we did not have to deal with ourselves would have almost made the whole process not worth the trouble, but Atlas Consulting took care of everything. It was definitely money well spent." - Marc Farly, Owner.


Ron Jones
"I was told about the REAP program and was told that Atlas consulting could help.... but when I heard that there was only ten million allotted for REAP for the whole state of California, I was very doubtful that we would ever see any money even if we applied.  Zack thought that we could and so I reluctantly agreed to apply.  Zack was right.  We did receive the grant money, I was very impressed by how everything was handled, and it was such a pleasure working with Zack.  I would highly recommend Atlas Consulting." Ron Jones, Owner.

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