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Check Your Project's Eligibility

Step 1: Farmer or Small Business?

  • Farmers must make 50% or more of their income from agricultural production.

Step 2: Location

  • Businesses must be classified as "small" by the Small Business Administration. (Use link)

  •  Using your businesses NAICS code, you can identify your size standard.  

Step 3: Contact Atlas Consulting To Discuss Your Project

  • Qualify or are unsure?

  • We can help you determine whether your solar project is eligible to receive 50% off.

  • Tell us about your project and we'll help you right away.

USDA REAP GRANT Atlas Consulting Services Solar
Oregon Solar State Grant
Farm Solar Ag Commercial  Dairy USDA Rural Energy for America Program
 USDA REAP GRANT Atlas Consulting Services Solar
USDA REAP Grant Solar Farmers Incentive

Enter your projects address to see if it is located in an eligible location.

*Clicking map will open the Eligibility Map on the USDA's Website.

USA Map USDA REAP & CDFA SWEEP Atlas Consulting Services Solar

Success! Message sent.

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